Em Powering


About Andie

Andie is the Founder of Empowering success 4 leaders (ES4L). She is an Empowerment Alignment Mindset coach, who specializes in helping others Who are feeling trapped in a fixed mindset.  She helps you to reduce Stress,Overcome any negative situation, Anxiety, Procrastination, dealing with or wanting change. Helping you have a better relationship with yourself and others. Supporting you to build your dream and empower you to be who you want to be!

She wants to create a community where we all have what we desire, where we are passionate in our careers and experience fulfilment in every area of our lives. She is committed to providing support when people are feeling lost or stagnant in their lives, career, or relationships. She believes we all have the potential to be the leaders of our own lives and the main character in our story.

Andie worked as a qualified Leadership and Executive Coach, but realised she wants to help others who feel trapped and have no choices. She knows what it is like to come out of your comfort zone. She is also certified in Reiki Mastery and Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a warm, empathic, intuitive and a leader who has worked with many clients with successful results.

Her mission is to support, encourage, help, uplift and empower you as you take this new and exciting leadership role.

If you’re always
Trying to be normal
You’ll never know
How amazing you can be.

-Maya Angelou

We cannot change what
we are not aware of,
and once we are aware,
We cannot help but Change.

Sheryl Sandberg

Andie’s approach in her own words

My practice is all about your needs. My preferred approach to coaching is Person-Centered.

I enable you to see the bigger picture. I will inspire, uplift, encourage, and empower you.  You are the expert of your own life and the main character in your story.   All the answers are within you and with my technique, you can take the time and space to calmly think things through.

 I am a facilitator that will help you in any way I can. I will accompany you on this journey of self-discovery, by unlocking answers, skills, gifts, creativity, mindset, and confidence.

The attributes I bring to each session are open honesty, respect, empathy, patience, non-judgement, commitment, and confidentiality. I have complete faith in you, that you will find the solution to your problem with my technique.

I can help you to remove old limiting belief systems, guide you to reach your goal and have a career that you love. It is my passion to empower you, and together, embark on the journey of self–discovery. I know how to overcome challenges through my own experiences and with the right tools can help you overcome yours. I want to awaken your many talents and gifts and unlock your potential.

If this sounds exciting to you than this message is for you.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.